International Folk Art

This lesser known eclectic field separates this collection from others and harbors many gems.  Like world music, International Folk Art became popular fifty ago with two prominent collections: Oto Bihalji-Merin, of the former Yugoslavia and the more recent Girard Collection at the Santa Fe Museum of International Folk Art.  A recent addition to this and very cutting edge is the Pigossi Collection.

International Folk Art Gallery

International Folk Art

Modern Primitives, the seminal text by Oto Bihalji-Merin with its concentration upon glass-verso paintings by Ivan Generalic helped to catapult the field into public awareness.

The Richard M. Edson Collection, although smaller, has been International from the start beginning with Haitian, Brazilian, and art from Ecuador. Taking cues from Haitian collector Seldan Rodman, Mr. Edson later expanded his collection to include works South Africa, Morocco, and from and Poland under the tutelage of Hans-Joachim Schauss.

Most provential U.S. collections lack International folk art and the global folk art aesthetic remains relatively untouched.