The Collection



Contemporary Folk Art

Contemporary Folk Art can be defined as post-1950, untrained, non-academic and idiosyncratic art created by individuals with little or no awareness of art historical traditions.

A sample from my African American Folk Art collection

African-American Folk Art

Just as blues notes drifted from the fields near Memphis to the Chicago stockyards, along with the music came African American Folk Art.

A sample from my Outsider Folk Art collection

Outsider Art

True outsider art is rarely created for a general audience or for profit; rather it is highly idiosyncratic, creative act in its purist form initiated by highly reclusive or mentally challenged individuals living “outside” the mainstream.

A sample from my International Folk Art collection

International Folk Art

This lesser known eclectic field separates this collection from others.  Like world music, International Folk Art became popular a decade ago with two prominent collections...

A sample from my collection of 3-Dimensional works of Folk Art

3-Dimensional Folk Art

Although many of the following works may be cross listed in previous categories, this is an area where 3-D or sculptural works can be found.


Pottery & Ceramics

Ceramics or pottery are a significant part of the collection due to the folk art tradition having derived from and including utilitarian works with a decorative edge.

A sample from my collection of Folk Art Textile works


Like pottery and crafts, Textiles form a significant category of the Folk Art tradition, especially when it becomes enhanced with personal traits and a decorative edge.